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 Is Your Credit Union Offering Reverse Mortgage Loans?

You Should Be!!

Your Older Customers Can Use Some Help

& The Credit Union Will Earn Profitable Fee Income

Hire David B. Levy, Mister Reverse Mortgage(TM), as a Consultant to help you install a successful HECM lending platform at your institution and insure that your program will be a success.

Institutional Benefits to Offering HECM loans

Fee Income includes origination fees ranging from

$2,500-$6,000 per loan plus yield spread premium making HECM loans one of the more profitable of residential mortgages.

Increase your ranking with your customers as their primary financial institution

Position yourself as a trusted advisor

Loan proceeds deposited in your institution and can generate funding for other products

Competitive advantage-very few national banks, community banks or Credit Unions offer HECM loans

Fill the void left by a drop-off of conventional mortgage purchase and refinance business, lower interest rate environment and slack loan demand 

Hire David B. Levy, Mister Reverse Mortgage(TM), as a Consultant to help you install a successful HECM lending platform at your institution and insure that your program will be a success. I am an Ohio Mortgage Broker and have 20 years of local HECM lending experience in origination and processing. I offer your credit union comprehensive education, training, sales coaching and mentoring services to your loan originators and support staff. I will aid your application to broker HECM loans to the top HECM Wholesale lender.  I will teach your staff to use ReverseVision the HECM LOS.

I will meet with the heart of your staff to make sure everyone understands exactly “what is a HECM loan and what needs of your depositors does it meet”. Bank personnel will be taught how to recognize who is a good HECM prospect.

  • Those asking to refinance their HELOC
  • Those asking to do a cash out refinance
  • Are always bouncing check
  • Complaining of having a hard time getting along
  • Female, single, widowed or divorced-the category of those most at risk for an underfunded retirement.
  • I will teach best practices origination and processing of the HECM loan. I will instruct your staff on how to counsel the older homeowner, understand the new Financial Assessment & how to take a complete application file. I will sit with your mortgage processors and show them what is needed to process a HECM file. This training is all done in one day. I will conduct one or more seminars to bank customers as an example to your producers. I will help you originate and process your first 3 HECM loans. I will be available for the first year for unlimited phone support.

All for the fee less than the commission on your first 3 adjustable rate HECM loans.

To understand what is a HECM reverse mortgage, it’s potential to dramatically improve the lives of many senior homeowners and to consider the sizeable benefits to the credit union from adopting HECM lending, schedule that initial meeting with your executive staff and Mister Reverse Mortgage(TM)

The AARP says that a full one half of all senior homeowners will benefit from a HECM loan. How many older homeowners does your institution have that live on Social Security alone or SS and a small pension/annuity payment? Customers that are savings and income poor. House rich but cash poor. Probably many more than you realize. You can dramatically improve the quality of life for your older customers by offering HECM loans. HECM loans are a natural fit for any depository institution where service is a highly ranked corporate value. For credit unions with their “not for profit” charter, HECM loans enable you to serve your members by combining the old fashioned values of customer service while serving your member interests of prudent profitability.

Market Potential 

85% of homeowners 62 and older want to age in their home per repeated AARP surveys

Older Americans are living longer needing to fund the expense of greater chronic, long term health problems

Older Americans have huge retirement savings shortfall

Large Percentage of Older Americans in America are getting poorer and poorer

If 15% of your customers are 62 and older, a conservative number, 8% of everyone who walks in your doors is a potential HECM customer. 

To consider the sizeable benefits from adopting HECM lending, with the support of David Levy, Mister Reverse Mortgage, (TM) schedule that initial meeting with your executive staff.


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